Two words. Part two.

Jane sat with her stepmum, holding on to her dads hand. It was quiet, or maybe Jane couldn’t hear what was happening around her? She stared at his hand holding hers – no, her hand holding his.



He was gone and Jane was in shock.

‘Shit!’ Jane went to let go of his hand and couldn’t. I don’t mean that she emotionally couldn’t, I mean physically – Rigor Mortis had started and his hand was “stuck” around hers. “I can’t get him off!” She flew into panic mode. Still staring at his hand, heart pounding, her stepmum carefully removed his hand from Janes.

No one could get hold of Janes brother for a while. He deals with stuff in his own way. He finally returned to the hospital as people were leaving. Their mum stayed with him. “Come on girls, we need to get to your sister.”

Their sister – half sister, same dad. Same dead dad. 25th July. Her birthday. Her 8th birthday. Today.

‘Oh my god.’

It all blurred. Somehow they had got to their dads house. In they went, smiling.


“Happy Birthday! I’m so sorry I forgot your present, I’ll grab it for you later.”

The words fell out of her mouth. A quick hug, on she walked to the living room.


This 14 year old girl and her 17 year old sister had just watched as their dad took his last breath and now, here they were, pretending as if it was just a normal day!

That’s not normal!

Who in their right mind would expect them to do that?

But it was their younger sisters 8th birthday, it would’ve been cruel if they hadn’t.

Wouldn’t it?


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