Never mind, carry on

Oh dear, it appears I may be back in that mode. Feeling too much. Feeling overwhelmed by everything and anything. Doctor Foster nearly had me bawling for pity’s sake! Ridiculous really.

I’ve stopped and sat, so much to do and not enough time to do it in but I’ve stopped and sat. Regretting that now because it’s sunk in that I’m back in crazy mode. It was becoming more and more apparent over the last few days – or has it been weeks? – but now I’ve stopped and sat it’s hit me. Here we go again.

Can’t think about that now though, I start work in less than an hour. Need to run in my dear old Grans house and pick up a wee sample to drop off at the doctors – yet another infection – then it’s off to work for a few hours before the kids finish school.


Never mind, carry on.


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