Kids, the pup and my man

I can hear the kids playing upstairs – the fake American accents are in full swing πŸ˜‚ so funny! I could listen to them all day when they are like this, playing nicely and getting along. Won’t last long though, soon they’ll be bickering because one doesn’t want to do what the other one does or one of them will decide they want to change roles and the other one won’t want to! “That’s not fair! It’s my turn.” And then comes the inevitable “MUUUUUUUUM!” And that sound of two sets of feet running across the laminate floor, into the hallway and down the stairs. It’s a race, who can get to me first to tattle tail?

But, right now, it’s peaceful. I’m sat on the sofa and the dog is laying by the window (yes we now have a puppy!) sleeping peacefully.

There was quite a long time where I didn’t post anything, I think the whole 6 weeks holidays and then some. In that time quite a few things have occurred – some trivial and some not so.

My daughter turned 6! 6?! How did that happen? Is seems like 5 minutes ago she had just started nursery and hated it, now she’s in year 1 and loving school! No more crying and clinging to me, she just walks in and barely gives me a glance. She suits 6, with its soft edges and curly whirley shape. Unlike 5, a ridged line followed by a curve then you add the top line last. What’s that about? No real start or finish. It’s all awkward and higgledy piggledy! No, 6 is much better, much more comfortable.

Parents evening was last week, I sat there and listened to both teachers tell me how wonderful my children are 😊 how well behaved and bright they both are, how confident my son is and how my daughter is gaining confidence every day (she even puts her hand up to answer questions!) Proud mum right here! Honestly, I was worried that they would both take after me – don’t get me wrong, the fact that they’re bright and well behaved is definitely from me (and that’s great) but my confidence level sucked! It still does!

Yes, their confidence definitely comes from their dad. He is loud and head strong with an ability to both piss people off and charm the birds from the trees all with little to no effort. Some people don’t know how to take him, he’s been called aggressive – not physically by the way, he is in no way violent – and some people don’t like the language he uses. Others take him as he is, potty mouth and all, because they know he has a heart of gold and his brutal honesty, although at times inconvenient, can be refreshing and just what people need to hear (whether they like it or not).

So, the inevitable squabble between the kids came and went – along with the peace and quiet – and the day has been and gone. Me and the hubby are watching a film and the kids are asleep (I hope, it’s 9:30!). The pup has disappeared, probably to the utility room where he likes to lay. I think he likes the cool floor by the back door. Plus he likes his own space at times, away from humans in general whether they’re touching him, looking at him or breathing in his general direction! Funny little thing. Reading those last three words back made me chuckle. Yes he’s a puppy, at 19 and a half weeks he’s an adorable, cheeky, clumsy thing but he is by no means little! Weighing in at 23 kilos he is heavier than both of my kids and can end up taking me for a walk rather than the other way around πŸ˜‚ He is a beautiful German Shepherd, mostly black with a white patch on his chest and one white tipped paw. He also has some grey in places and some tints of brown. People are always saying how unusual his colouring is, most people assume he is crossed with another breed. He’s not. Both parents are German Shepherds, his dad a black/blue and his mum pure white. Gorgeous.

You know, I’ve totally lost my thread! Interrupted yet again and now it’s morning. As per usual the boys are up – my son is playing a game on his phone and the pup is chewing on his cow ear (which bloody stinks!). I think I need to end this post before I start to ramble about something else!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone πŸ™‚


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