International Stammering Awareness Day

Monday 22nd October 2018. International Stammering Awareness Day. A day that saw Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social media platforms flooded with posts about Stammering. People sharing their experiences. A chance for people to express themselves, embrace their stammer and say “hey I stammer and that’s ok” a chance for people like me to say “my child stammers and I’m proud, every single day, of his courage and ability to carry on regardless” a day where we all came together, no matter how far apart, and joined hands to support one another and raise awareness.

My child stammers. My son. Since he could first string more than 1 word together. It’s been, and remains to be, a struggle for him and us, a never ending roller coaster ride with so many twists and turns it leaves us dizzy and worn out. But it’s a journey worth taking and it makes me so proud that his confidence prevails and he will talk to anyone regardless of how much he is stammering at that particular moment. His confidence astounds me.

My nearly 8 year old boy, my first born, my rainbow baby. If I could take my magic mummy wand and make it disappear I would in a heartbeat. Or if I could magic the world into a place of acceptance, a place where people don’t ask you why you talk the way you do, where nobody pokes fun at you or looks at you like you’re weird, where people have the patience to listen to what you’re saying rather than how you’re saying it. Oh, my beautiful boy, I would. To me you are perfect xXx


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