Another day, another “ball pit”

So here we are again. The “ball pit”, a different one from my last “ball pit” post but basically the same.

In principle I should be annoyed that it’s always me doing these things, you see my husband is off playing golf somewhere with other dads from the family! Haha they’re all the bloody same. But I’m not annoyed, I won’t allow myself to be. I like to see my kids do things, progress, grow. I can probably tell you everything my kids are capable of. As loving a father as my husband is, he misses a lot. I want him to see them how I do, to know them inside and out. But everyone is different, he’s happy and they’re happy so I’m happy 😃

I watch with pride at how far they have come. My eldest is off in the football area playing with complete strangers. His stammer a mere inconvenience. My youngest would normally be stuck to my ass around about now but she’s not! She’s off in the “ball pit” doing her own thing. She looks unsure at times and looks to me, I guess to make sure I’m paying attention, that she’s not alone. She also comes back to the table for a drink more often than what she would if her brother was with her. But she’s definitely getting braver. I try to imagine what I would be like in their shoes and I’m pretty sure they’re doing a much better job than what I would’ve!

I’m not keen on not being able to see my boy but I get regular updates from my girl about what he’s doing! I can see she really wants him to play with her but, at the moment, he’s enjoying himself playing what I’m guessing from her description can only be air hockey which, I’m told, is right near the football area.

I do worry that people might be teasing him but I have to just let him be – if he comes to me then ok but if not he’s obviously dealing with it or choosing to ignore it. I don’t want to mollycoddle him and make him nervous about being around other children. He needs to deal with it in his own way. I hate it, I really do but it is what it is and thankfully he is who he is.

Love the “ball pit” it gives me time to watch and reflect. Time to think. More importantly, my kids love it too.


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